• A Girl With A Secret

    A girl with a secret she keeps

    Alone in a room, she screams... more »

  • Choose

    I live, I breath, I cry

    Lately it seems that's all I can do... more »

  • Forgive Yourself

    Forgive Yourself
    Yes, you've made so many mistakes
    But you are not a bad person
    You've crossed into the darkness... more »

  • How I Feel

    Waiting, with no idea what am waiting for

    Smiling, as I remember the good days that am longing for... more »

  • One Sided Love

    I loved you, but now am not sure how I feel about you
    You loved her, but she broke up with you
    She never loved you as much as I do
    But you never knew, I never told you... more »

  • The Good With The Bad

    Not everything you want you get
    Not everything you wish for comes true
    Not every target you aim for you hit
    Not everyone forgives like you do... more »

  • To The Good People

    This is dedicated to the good people in my life
    The ones who stood by me in the midst of my strive
    This is dedicated to the ones who were there when I cried
    The ones who saw the hurt inside me I was trying to hide... more »