• A Jesus Moment

    i wonder if yoshua wept…

    in the face of unseen consequences
    i wonder if it did affect... more »

  • Catch Me

    i ran thru the woods
    trying to catch leaves

    up on falls road... more »

  • Freedom's Last Gasp

    my pen keeps sinning
    spinning half truths into my mad roots
    boots stand solid on the ground
    sound of a mother to son... more »

  • Just Because

    lines drawn
    spawn of this liberty and safety
    rapes me when i leave in the morning
    still yawning my life away... more »

  • Listen

    not static quantites
    hauntin me like echoes from reverberations that was my past
    last call... more »

  • Little Boy Blues

    sum things ain't right until i hold you each night

    sight beyond sight
    write my day into dreams... more »

  • Rope Burns

    they learn from friction

    war mirrored raw
    law of the unbounded pounded out of silent... more »

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    top of wudan and thinking....

    somewhere below the mist
    is the evidence of a kiss that bliss could never touch... more »

  • Superstar

    'if u are'....

    like wishin on a star light star bright
    fight to be you... more »

  • Thursday

    and this is why i cry...

    it's more than just us who are darker than blue that die
    lie still and feel the earth quaking ... more »

  • White History

    'i am born with a past'

    no smile can last longer than the trail of tears
    that etches it's way... more »