• A Life Without You

    Sometimes i wonder
    what changes life would go through
    if there had never come a time
    for it to have you... more »

  • Almost Empty

    i am drowning
    the tears are half empty
    and the glass is half full
    what is meant to be?... more »

  • An Identity

    I had one once -
    an identity
    having one meant
    the world to me -... more »

  • Days Past

    my mousey hair
    has turned to gray
    my looks have faded
    you didn't stay... more »

  • Did You Ever.....

    ever see a cherry tree blossom
    ever watch the sunrise
    ever savor that first sip of java
    or for that matter enjoy a homemade pie?... more »

  • Dreaming Of You

    Sitting alone
    with nothing to do
    my mind starts to dance
    as i picture you.... more »

  • Finding Love

    love and friendship
    go hand in hand
    or will it take a wish
    to make me understand... more »

  • Forever Last

    on a moonlit night
    the wind blows cold
    i am thinking of you ~
    i have nothing to hold... more »

  • Forever True

    Every time I think of you
    I think of a love so true
    Even though we are world's apart
    We are close in our hearts... more »

  • Friends Again

    We met when things
    Were not what they seemed
    You added a joy
    That I had never seen... more »

  • Hearts Mend

    I came into the world with a smile
    Now I shed tears
    I cry for all the words not said
    And for all the missed years... more »

  • I Need To Know

    i need to know just how you feel
    is it a fantasy or is it real
    the feelings are much to strong
    so please let me know are they wrong?... more »

  • I Sit And Stare

    As I sit and stare
    At the empty air
    I reach for you
    And you aren't there... more »

  • I Think Of You

    You are my friend
    You will always be
    I think of you
    And hope you think of me... more »

  • I Tried

    it's been a long time
    but i let you in
    you took my hand
    and the story begins... more »

  • Just Another Night

    the night falls and my mind wanders
    i think of you as i close my eyes
    i start to count slowly remembering
    the numbers they flow by... more »

  • Letters In My Mind

    To the mother
    I never really knew
    I now understand-
    I have become you.... more »

  • Little By Little

    i think of you
    but do you care
    i reach for you
    it's empty air... more »

  • Lost

    i am not lost
    i know where i want to be
    i am not wandering
    you are standing here in me... more »

  • My Emotions

    I read it the first time
    and feel what you feel.
    I forget this though
    how unreal.... more »

  • My Words

    these two words i say to you
    i'm sorry
    these two words have much to do
    i'm sorry... more »

  • Not Forgotten

    I didn't forget you
    You just moved on
    It didn't make it less true
    It was what we had to do... more »

  • Patience

    I waited a lifetime
    for someone to hold
    I was patient and
    learned what i was told... more »

  • Poem

    I loved my friend
    he went away from me
    there's nothing more to say
    the poem ends... more »

  • Take My Hand

    Take my hand
    and walk with me.
    Show me all the things
    I am meant to see.... more »