I am a 16 yr old lebanese girl
i really like poetry and i write some poems from time to time especially when i can't sleep
im here to read poems mainly and if i find some friends i wouldn't mind :)
usually i: hang out with friends
Talk to myself
Listen to music
Think a lot
Walk at night
Write some crap
EAt and cook :)
Read poems


some one Poems

Another Day Goes By

...And another day goes by
here i am here i lie
i lie awake in bed
thinking about u and what u said... more »

I Have A Friend

I have a friend who cannot walk
I have a friend all he does is talk

I have a friend, Philippe is his name... more »

All About History

History is the past
What do we need it for?
Time runs out real fast
Who cares what happened before? !... more »

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