• All About History

    History is the past
    What do we need it for?
    Time runs out real fast
    Who cares what happened before? !... more »

  • Another Day Goes By

    ...And another day goes by
    here i am here i lie
    i lie awake in bed
    thinking about u and what u said... more »

  • Beside Your Grave

    I was wandering drunk and wasted
    Remembering you one more sip i tasted

    Hoping with it to swallow all my pain... more »

  • Death Shall Not

    Death, they say
    will take everyone away

    but there are things it could never take... more »

  • End Of Another Day

    This is the end of another day
    Night has come, it's time to pray

    The bed is cold, the room is still... more »

  • I Have A Friend

    I have a friend who cannot walk
    I have a friend all he does is talk

    I have a friend, Philippe is his name... more »

  • Lonely Soul

    i am a lonely soul
    wandering in this world
    i know not what is my role
    thoughts in my head are curled... more »

  • Passively Being

    Outside in the dark i was sitting
    Always as usual doing nothing

    Watching life passing me by... more »

  • Sometimes (Very Personal)

    there are times when i'm hunted by my own thoughts
    i feel real bad, ususally i keep ignoring it until..... i can't take it anymore
    .......... more »

  • Tears......Of Love? (Confusion)


    Why do we cry when we love someone?
    Why do we cry when they're gone?... more »

  • The Creature On The Shore

    They lied to me
    when they told me
    they'll be there for me
    and i beleived they'll be... more »