SB sonam bhutia

I was born in a hamlet called, 'Sandakphu' which stands a frontier between India and Nepal. Lonesome and aloof from all pollutions and adulterations. Enshrouded by lofty mountains where the prayer flags beckons the cosmic solace and prayer walls scatters the debris of good wishes all around evermore. Most of the people from this place were caravans and nomads. I am also from a nomadic family. Though my father being a little educated but was little bit conscious about the signification of education and modern society. So he sent me to the Darjeeling, for my education. Then the real life of mine started…there in Central School for Tibetans Darjeeling… At present I am exploring the vastness of Mountains…

1. At present writing as an author in The Times Of Tibet.(http: //
2. Member of the Association of Young Journalists and Writers, US. (http: // search=Sonam+Bhutia&type=all&submit=Search)

3. Poetry published in (http: //
4. Works published in the British Council, Srilanka, poetry corner.



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