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Sonja, you're a better poet than me.(of course, that doesn't take much effort) Always write your lovely poems and believe in your art.
Hey-I am Jeremy Williams, new to this thing and was hoping you might give me some feedback on my poetry as took a look at yours and thought was really good! Jeremy
Hi, I have read some of your new poems. They are wonderful. I love poetry from your country and the poets as well. Please don’t get me wrong: I had no intention to hurt you in my last comment about your poetry. I agree with what you have said about Nikhil Parekh, and I am really happy to think that we are good, if not great, readers of poetry.
Hello Ms. Broderick! I just had to google you and was pleasantly surprised by the results! I often think of you and hope all is well - wherever you are! (love the 36 minute shower)
Sonja, Your poems show a kind of maturity that you have achieved so far by your mental and physical labour in pursuit of your literary excellence. The words you use in your poems are worthy to be chosen by a good poet and the images you paste in the body of any poem are kind of taken from real life situations; I mean, you see things as they are. Like other Irish poets before your arrival in the arena, you have a zeal for some details in describing the wonderful landscapes you are surrounded by but sometimes I think some of these descriptions are only for the sake of descriptions themselves. One of my complaints is that you write too much and this habit may make you a poet of moments of little or no significance. You know that life is nothing but the history of moments that we share with each other. But a poet’s moments, which you know are poles apart from other people’s in significance, should be inspiring, thought-provoking and far-reaching into the collective psyche of the world. As your well-wisher, I warn you: Don’t depend too much on ordinary online poetry readers for they are mostly immature and don’t know what it is that makes a poem great. Once again I have to say you are a wonderful poet to have come out of your procreative land of poetry. Sofiul Azam
just read your poem 'The things you left with me': what a treat. the quality that shines through your poems is an awareness of what it feels to be truly alive, in 'barcelona' in skinnydipping' and many others. you show a nerve and fearlessness in what you include in your work, i salute
Sonja, There is a magnificent interpretation of Hamlet which is very old but the greatest piece of cinema I know of in the world. Thought it should be flagged for you given your interest in this area. Bill Grace
Sonja, It was so obvious, it is a failing of mine that I make things more complicated than they need to be sometimes. Thank you so much for pointing it out to me.
I think you are amazingly talented.
Sonya, I read your beautiful 'Only' and then commented, and then read my comment and it sounded ambiguous - I think what I meant at the time, dazzled by it, was just that - dazzling!