• Home

    Everbody along with Sun is going home,
    Somebody show me the way to my home.

    Enduring of me in the world,... more »

  • Lady From Heaven

    Lady directly from the heaven
    Is Attached to me.
    Since I came to this unknown world.... more »

  • Pain

    She allows me,
    To enter into those eyes.
    I entered,
    And see pain hidden there.... more »

  • Poem

    Poem you enlightened me
    That Words too have life.
    Poem you enlightened me
    With the beauty in everything... more »

  • Prayer To Eternal

    I see many people Coming to you
    Some for love and Some for desire.

    Are you there Listening to them,... more »

  • The New Day.

    Have you seen the sky;
    When first light of sun
    Gently touch the clouds,
    Dispersed in blue space of daemon,... more »