• Chewing Gum

    I often sit and think
    And ponder if thinking is worthwhile
    As the things I often think of
    I could be doing now... more »

  • Feedback

    Let me tell you something
    About a thing or two
    You should not give out feedback
    On things you just dont know... more »

  • Guilt Ridden

    Rib cage
    sinking down
    to the ground
    heavy pit... more »

  • Never Enough

    Hmmmmm feeling so tall and sexy
    confident and funny
    As I rub you on my gums
    My mouth goes numb with extacey... more »

  • Payback

    Typical I thought
    The way he sounded on the phone
    His monotonous drone... more »

  • Standards

    Why is it that
    When you've had a few beers
    All boy's are sexy
    Uglyness dissapears... more »

  • Tingle

    Finger tips and palms
    Skim the surface of my skin
    leg limbs and arms intertwine
    I want to grin.... more »

  • Why

    Why why why
    When the feelings get strong
    Do you really want to cry
    When the other persons gone.... more »