• Amor

    its the funniest thing.
    so funny that it makes you laugh and at the same time it makes you cry.
    Amor,... more »

  • Goodbye

    The time has come,
    for me to say goodbye.
    Lets make this as quick as possible,
    so you dont have to see me cry.... more »

  • Lonely Dark Corners

    lonely dark corners,
    dats where i belong.
    full of sorrow,
    singin sad songs.... more »

  • Mothers Day2007

    She hath my heart, she is my mum.
    She hath my heart, she is my only, she is my one.
    She hath my heart, though rough winds may blow.
    She hath my heart, still her love will flow, her love will always show.... more »

  • Picture On The Wall(The Song)

    She, s the picture on the wall,
    She, s the fairest of them all.
    She, s my one and only beauty queen.
    The prettiest girl I, ve ever seen.... more »

  • Rolling Squares

    Before you came into my life,
    i never knew how it was to be happy.
    I never how it was to be whole,
    because i hadn, t found my better half.... more »

  • Unconditional

    Is this life that am leadin here really ment for living
    Everynight i talk 2 GOD I hope I've really been forgiven
    Nigga this what I believe in
    This is the truth not just a song that am singing... more »