• Being Grounded

    I'm grounded from my car
    I'm grounded from t.v.
    I'm grounded from my guitar
    It's really killing me... more »

  • Candy-Wrap

    Well I like ice cream and candy bar
    Like Ben and Jerry's, Hersey's and Mars
    Pop rocks, pop-tarts, and pop-cycles too
    Marshmallow cereal how about you... more »

  • Drugs

    I've got my ticket for the subway
    I've gonna run from its evil way
    It's the cause of his bad life
    The good one that he sacrificed... more »

  • I Hate T.V.

    Manic Mondays, They're on my chest
    Manic Mondays, I'm so distressed
    I do not want to go to school
    I wanna sleep in that'd be cool... more »

  • I Love Skittles

    Skittles are my favorite kind of food
    It always puts me in a exciteditly mood
    Its not that hard to see
    How good this candy can be... more »

  • Imagination

    Pretty ponies and unicorns
    Protect me from thunderstorms
    Manbearpig comes and saves me
    Gives me some of his neverending candy... more »

  • Life, Interrupted Pt.1

    Breath in,
    put the gun away.
    Trust me right now,
    death is not the way to be free.... more »

  • Life, Interrupted Pt.2

    Don't worry,
    Different is just
    a misused term for
    unique.... more »

  • Liza

    She is my car
    She is my life
    She is black
    She is white... more »

  • Lovely Supper

    As my teeth pierce this delicious flesh
    I can feel the person at their time of death
    I know what they're thinking, how they feel
    Looking up to my red eyes, wondering if I'm real... more »

  • Mood Swings

    Your moods are like the ocean
    They're going up and down
    Can't you control these emotions
    I think they control you now... more »

  • My Dream Girl

    You are my girl
    You are my world
    You are the sun that always shines
    you love to be with me... more »

  • Please Cast Your Smile

    We both believed
    that this would be an incident;
    one night out of a thousand.
    I just never thought that... more »

  • Sins And Sad Songs Are Great Teachers Of Experience

    I step outside and once again
    I don't know where I am.
    For this last year I've been so lost
    and I don't know where to begin... more »

  • The Path

    I'm finally walking down the right path
    But there's distractions to my right and left
    I know that I have to keep straight
    For my friends I must demonstrate... more »

  • Zombies Are Real

    Halloween is back and so am I
    So you better run or you're gonna die
    Because I'm coming after you in your home
    You're gonna be in pieces before I'm done... more »