• A Call

    Raise the voice for your abducted rights
    Against the discrimination and agonal plight
    In a world - driven by race and power
    Stop dozing at your zone; don’t act like coward.... more »

  • A Journey

    One dropp of rain
    A glimpse of sun
    One stroke of pain
    A touch of fun... more »

  • Come To Me

    Do you want to be like me?
    Tell me do you want to be?
    Do you want to see the things
    The way I want you to see?... more »

  • Darling

    Hey my darling don’t be so sad
    It’s not good but it’s not that bad
    You’ve lost just one battle
    Rest of the war is yet to be fought... more »

  • Dedicated To You

    You gave me a life that was alien to me
    You showed me love is for real not just a fantasy

    You look at me, hold my hands & take me strength to strength... more »

  • Enough

    Enough of this crazy run
    Now it’s no more fun
    Every moment my soul gets burned
    Though still I don’t know where to turn... more »

  • Harmony (Haiuku)

    ... more »

  • I Love You

    How many times I said I love you
    I can’t remember, you forgot too
    What we remember is the fragrance of love
    How much we get never seems enough... more »

  • Inferno

    In the calamity of mind’s
    biggest mystery
    I see an antithetical me;
    So every time a conflict begins... more »

  • Lost Page

    I’ve never thought we’d meet again
    But that day had come to renew the pain
    Over the years I’ve become little insane
    And you’ve turned some abysmally plain.... more »

  • Monotony

    All are the same; just they are same
    They look identical, look like machines
    All play same game; with the same name
    Mix of connatural talks, and the same means... more »

  • Notion

    In the midst of concrete jungle
    Where dreams live, life tangles
    I hunt for a spot with my finesse
    Where I can see life’s axenic face.... more »

  • Solitude

    Tomorrow is the new day
    May be a new way to turn
    But if I walk on the same way
    I’d lose out all the fun... more »

  • Sorry

    I’m sorry of being so emotional
    I’m sorry of being so possessive
    I’m sorry that I cry for you
    I’m sorry because I can’t live without you... more »

  • White Blank Paper

    On a white blank paper
    I'm writing the chronicle of a tormented soul
    Reality and dream are two different things
    Can't achieve the same goal... more »