• Disintegrated Islands

    Saturated relationship, repelled the islands,
    and they are disintegrated apart.
    They wait for another cyclone or earthquake
    which will reconcile them by part.... more »

  • Dreams

    Let the dreams go, go behind solace.
    No use of fire in the extinguishing furnace.
    No need to decorate the bed
    in the light spotted darkness.... more »

  • I'Ll Go To The River

    If I am in love
    I'll go to the river.

    Let abodes get flooded... more »

  • In Search Of You

    You're always there secretly inside
    I look for you in the light of my eyes.
    After a long separation and tiring existence
    in the midst of imagination, behind the mask and partition.... more »

  • Nameless Dreams

    Staggered and stumbled
    I found myself alone, oneday.
    Living in solitude with patches of dreams,... more »

  • Newly Born

    The fantasy required for livelihood
    is captive in the clenched fist
    in the camouflage of darkness
    in the undulation of the wrapper.... more »

  • She

    She is busy, she is crazy
    she is a quinine pill.
    She is frugal, she is lethal
    she never pays the bill.... more »

  • The Poetic Machine

    I aspire to be the owner of a factory,
    that will produce, only poetry.

    The factory will have a machine of it's kind,... more »

  • The Song Of The New Era

    In the midst of silence,
    sounds destruction,
    the relentless noise of the falling stars.... more »

  • The Times

    The train passes by and not waiting for me
    And I stand alone alongwith thee

    The doors are knocked, the tears are wept... more »

  • Trvelling Down The Memory Lane

    Travelling down the memory lane
    is not all black 'n white.
    Travelling down the memory lane
    is not all lacking light.... more »

  • Twenty Thousands Good Poems

    Reading twenty thousand good poems
    can make one write a good poem
    Reading twenty thousand good stories
    can make one write a good story... more »

  • Vaccum

    Living alone
    like the stars of the night
    Weaving the dreams
    Then... more »

  • Your Poetry

    Your poetry has no fullstop,
    the only furtive comma has multiplied
    the solitude of the poetry manifold.
    This sleepless poetry flows tirelessly... more »