• A Taste Of Your Love

    A bright summer morning greets me with a shower of light
    I watch you sleeping, breathing softly, lost in your dreams
    I long to capture the moment in a locket close to my heart... more »

  • All I Could See

    She was all I could see….

    A vision of beauty
    Born of a realism... more »

  • Being A Poet

    ‘You are a poet’ he said, ‘How does that feel? ’

    Like nothing on earth, I think, like I am bleeding words
    It calms my system, but fires my imagination... more »

  • Boy Soldier

    He wears his heart upon his tunic sleeve
    His buttons gleaming gold and bright
    But in his eyes you see the ache
    The need to prove his worth... more »

  • Clouds Of Fate

    I need to tell my story
    I need to get it right
    To tell you what has made
    formed and shaped me... more »

  • Coming Out

    Tender days of yearning, longing to be free
    Love amongst the school books, crying out his name
    What was this teenage worship, how did I want him so
    Was this to be my future, was I to join the foe... more »

  • Days

    Wild days
    Quiet peaceful ‘me’ days
    Family happy together days
    Sad desperate gloomy days... more »

  • Divided World

    Empty streets of desolation
    Boarded up houses standing alone
    Factory buildings padlocked and empty... more »

  • Global Warning

    Here’s to the people who starve and toil
    The homeless child in threadbare clothes
    An aging granny with lonely eyes... more »

  • Going First....

    Remember me when you grow old
    Recall my smile and nerve so bold
    Don’t forget my love and passion
    Nor my style and lack of fashion... more »

  • I Met Her There

    I met her there
    She crossed my path
    It was a miracle... more »

  • Lessons In Love

    Your eyes said it all, there were no words
    I had no excuse, I had no defence
    A moment of madness, but still I knew... more »

  • Life Of A Poet

    I never wanted to be famous, I never looked for fame
    I always hoped for understanding, to play the rhyming game

    I write from life’s experiences, in an empathetic way... more »

  • Life's Sweet Rainbow

    Take the west road over
    the glittering green hills of your youth

    Add the blue azure morning sky... more »

  • Long And Winding Love

    I am one
    I lifted her up
    as if I were a God
    and she was my angel... more »

  • Lost In Myspace

    Most of the kids I grew up with are dead now
    Seemingly hopeless they aren’t here now
    Thinking that life had deserted them
    They looked for an early exit... more »

  • Lost Souls

    James finds his way through dark icy roads
    Deep in his thoughts of long lost happiness
    Two years on the streets, his birthday approaches
    Soon to be fifteen on a lonely Christmas Day... more »

  • No Place Like Alone

    Days of solitude lost in a sea of anguish
    I vent my feelings on every passing soul and spirit.
    The wizard of my strength and will,
    has lost his magic touch amidst a blizzard of indecision. ... more »

  • One World, One Child

    Born within a liberal society, a child of his age
    he seeks his place amongst the surge of humanity
    his many steps, both confident and uncertain, feed his doubts,
    striving to hide his essence in a multitude of living tastes... more »

  • Questions In Shadow

    Too many broken promises
    Too many doors block the truth
    My life is a worn out recipe
    of something that never was cooked... more »

  • Remember Me

    How will you remember me? How will you recall my life?

    Think of me at 22; impossibly handsome and in full flow
    Tearing at life as a bloodhound at a fresh new scent... more »

  • Sanctuary

    Eternal waves shimmering away to the hills
    Born of a different world, perfect in light and depth
    Green suave of ageless symmetry on flanking guard
    A myriad of tales lost in the emergence of time... more »

  • The Orphan

    I was a child of distance, an independent soul
    Unaware of questions, uncertain of my role
    Never fitting in, to any given box
    Like a ragamuffin, wearing two odd socks... more »

  • The Path Of Light (Desiderata 2006)

    Keep on searching for your peace and always look for love
    remembering that life is a journey that is over far too quickly

    Measure each success from within, without pride or arrogance... more »

  • The Soul Of A Poet

    I see my tainted history, lest we forget
    what ails this troubled mind. In jest I
    sing my garbled tales of lost tomorrows
    and step too far across the precipice of fate.... more »