• Art Show

    We had no years to tell of,
    but what shook free in our pens,
    came from centuries of anger.... more »

  • Barder/Banter

    Blades of grass soak up sun as I soak up stares from those around
    who think thoughts I try to decode like zodiac’s cryptic mysteries
    of death.
    These classmates hold secrets about why I think God hates me.... more »

  • False Ego

    There is A tormented performer
    sage at the bottom of
    every broken urn;
    just another raconteur... more »

  • Imbalance

    She lets him exploit her- one, two, three times. As if she was an object he could employ to echo his self- admiration on,
    A one sided mirror, perhaps.
    The stance in his reflection never changes.... more »

  • Ink Wash

    outside of the body. Overflowing with unconditional kind words.
    once she dared to go back where a child trusted.
    it was empty now.An illusion void of meaningful words.
    she was... more »

  • Ironic

    What is Beauty?
    To me it is that girl I have that crush on perpetually
    ignoring me as you call me up to ask me If I want to go
    shoot some pool with you tonight.... more »

  • Normal

    I first lose ground, then I lose everything

    Bodies melt ageist the pavement as the dripping pavement homogeneously mimics
    the sun. I thought it was yesterday I saw you standing here,... more »

  • Spun Yarn

    She’s Pleased to meet your acquaintance
    For tonight you are the evil spirit
    clocked in at midnight. She had been in the official position
    for your arrival.... more »