• A Purpose!

    What dith the ground say?
    'Look t'wards the sky! '
    What dith the sky then say?
    'Nay, look t'wards the ground! '... more »

  • Angels Shadow!

    Have you ever felt the presence of an angel?
    I have.
    Have you ever watched that angel change
    Into a shadow...... more »

  • My Blackened Rose

    A thousand peddles lay broken at me feet,
    They are the broken tears of my shattered queen.
    Fallen out of her tower she weeps all alone,
    And where her heart once beat lays a shattered throne.... more »

  • Realty A Dream

    The two of us would lie on a hill.
    the grass and flowers would be our bed, swaying in the wind that would touch our faces.

    The foods have been tasted and the drinks have been drained,... more »

  • Recipe Of Man

    Two drops of flesh, four drops of water, four drops of mind, ten drops of soul.... more »

  • Remembered Windows!

    The sand on a beach is broken glass.
    Warm, shattered,
    Forgoten windows, forgoten moments,... more »

  • Tears Of Shannyn

    She cry's alone, by herself.
    Broken wings shade her eyes.
    Fading slowly into darkness,
    her echoes scream in silence.... more »