• Angela-A Limerick

    Angela a friend that is dear,
    is full of hope and of fear,
    moving from home,
    to be all alone,... more »

  • Life

    Life is like a river.
    The river of life is long and deep.

    Sometimes the river becomes rough,... more »

  • My Friends

    What is friendship defined?
    How do you distinguish
    from those that are unkind?... more »

  • Sara- A Limerick

    A sweet girl I met on a weekend,
    Has many poems she's penned,
    We think much the same,
    you ask me her name?... more »

  • Theresa-A Limerick

    My friend Theresa who's kind,
    The bestest friend you can find,
    but there is just one hitch,
    she can be a real beotch,... more »

  • Why Me?

    I wonder when the doctor says that somethings not quite right.
    I wonder why the blurry vison is troubling my sight.

    The tests they come, back to back, and discover the awful truth.... more »