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i'm using ur poem 'Granny' for LAMDA and a school poetry comp I love it because it is very funny watch this vid https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=uwdoYTCvybQ
Spike.....Spike we miss you so. There will never be your like again. But you have left us a vast mountain of work. Radio 4 extra runs the Goon Show every week and the Book shops and Libraries are still full of your books. You were right when you say'd I told you I was ill. Its carved on your head stone. In Gaelic..........
What is Spike Milligan's email address?
Who owns the copyright of Two Children at present?
I lov ur writing it is rlly good and funny if u think about it i rlly like ur poem called hav a nice day
fantastic almost as good as mine 2 pee or no 2pee
A funny and creative poet!
Please please can any Spike fan send me a copy of his poem which has 'A Cat is Just a Cat my Friend' in it?
Spike Milligan is a very orginial poet in a world that seems to be all too uniform and ordered into place, so thank you for your creativity.