• A Friend...

    A friend is someone who is concerned with everything you do.
    A friend is someone to call upon during goofd and bad times.
    A friend is someone who understands whatever you do.
    A friend is someone who tells you the truth about yourself... more »

  • Best Friends

    Best friends forever
    you'll leave my side never
    all i can think of is you
    that is never new... more »

  • Dont Leave

    Dont leave me here
    i need you near
    you stabbed my heart with a knife
    you ruined me for life... more »

  • Friends

    Friends will always be there
    they're happiness will fill the air
    one moment they'll be mad
    the next they'll be sad... more »

  • Silent

    Silent as a grave, quiet as a mouse
    she cant be found, so no more sound
    young childhood years brought so many tears
    taken away so fast she was safe at last... more »