• A Lunar Kindred And An Esoteric Dreamer

    Losing hope
    Unable to cope,
    Nostalgia, pains the soul,
    Afflicted by an open wound.... more »

  • A Memory At Bliss Park

    Beauty found in a forbidden place
    Oneness in a tight embrace,
    Nostalgic visions are now haunting me,
    Guiled emotions trying to get free.... more »

  • Escaping Wonderland

    Cosmic contingencies in wonderland
    Heavenly synchronicities grasped like sand,
    Ever occurring, ever happening
    Sarcastic moon, ever smiling.... more »

  • How Can I Go On?

    How can I forget the one who made me feel?
    How can I move away from all that is real?
    How can dreaming cause so much pain?
    How can I pull back those threads just to remain sane?... more »

  • Lunar Kiss

    Melancholic persuasions written on a glacial parchment,
    Perpetually ignoring direful consuming propinquity.
    Integrated consciousness relishing the felicitous enchantment,
    Summoning Eratones in an episode forged by Melpomene.... more »

  • Remembering Bliss

    Leaving all the noise that surrounds the world
    Admonishing the fear that leaves me curled,
    Battered heart still shouts your name,
    Yearning to forget the memories of our flame.... more »