• A Drop Of Water

    A dropp of water, so sweet,
    as tears of happiness, a dropp of honey,
    brings joy to the mind.
    A dropp of water, so bitter,... more »

  • Friendships Lost

    The coolness of morning dew,
    The softness of a cobweb,
    The beauty of flowers many,
    The caress of a gentle breeze,... more »

  • In The Lonely Hours Of Night...

    The dry glitter of stars, I see,
    The diamonds, strewn in sky's garden,
    Broken from the unseen thread,
    Like thoughts, that move in my mind.... more »

  • Let Me Be Free

    Let me be free, Cries a voice within,
    Mind in shackles, numb with pain.
    Encaged in convictions, hands bound tight,
    Not by self, but by strangers around, might.... more »

  • Search For An Oasis

    Walking, scorching sun above me,
    Light, no longer a guide.
    Heat, burning coal, into self,
    The wind, dry hot wind,... more »

  • Sleep

    Night, with its sweet melody, silence,
    Invites me to be a part of the song.
    Breeze, with its hands, cold and soft,
    Touches me, caressing me, humming a lullaby in my ears.... more »

  • The Green Eyed Monster

    The green eyed monster, the three eyed monster,
    Jabs through my heart, my mind, flashing eyes, colour of jade.
    I struggle, I scream, writhe in pain,
    He torments, sniggers, pulls hard on the mental chords.... more »

  • Unwanted Guest

    Like an unwanted guest, I came, said you…
    Mother, you never saw me though, never knew me within.
    A reason to smile, I thought, I would be,
    …Little did I know, that it was tears I brought, tears of remorse.... more »

  • Unwritten Story

    There's this thing in my mind,
    The thing I want to spill.
    Seeds of a story, looking for soil,
    To root, to grow, to end my turmoil.... more »

  • Waiting For Sunrise

    Thoughts, sprouting like grass,
    Fast as wind, many in count,
    Fill the canvas,
    Canvas of mind!... more »