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All poets are at the same time, most foolish and genius.
I assume it realizing the connotation of the poems; going through almost all poems.
Last instalment is always very tough. SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR
In the old age almost all person have to face of difficulties. Sometimes they are neglected.

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Poet I like your poems very much. It inspires me. I shal try to go through all yopur poems.
Dear readers, I have submitted some such poems which are not actually ''Haiku''.... All those were experimental. But some of those poems conventional Haiku, Some are Senryu...
A prolific writer and a poet of exceptional beauty, Sriranji Aratisankar is such a pleasure to read. He reflects a very sharp observation coupled with a matching expression and linguistic skills. I wish him my best wishes and would like to follow his progress.
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