• Alone

    No-one to listen to you
    No-one to trust
    Just left alone
    Dark rooms... more »

  • Changing!

    Chance isn't easy
    getting out of habbits
    Trying new things
    Letting go of the past... more »

  • Daddy's Little Girl

    He put his suitcase outside the door
    She knows her daddy won’t be back no more

    She sits crying looking at him... more »

  • Death

    Some-one dieing will be hard
    Grief won't be all easy
    Feeling guilty will happen... more »

  • Dreams

    We all have dreams
    Don't let other people
    stop you achieve your dreams
    Go Go get your dreams... more »

  • Friends

    Every-one has friends
    But not every one respects them
    Friends won't always be true
    Where family should always be true... more »

  • Grandad

    You should already know that i'll do anything for you

    Just for the simple facet my heart still adores you... more »

  • Heatbroken

    I'm heartbroken
    I'm an empty worthless brick
    Nuffink to look forward to
    No-one to hold my heart... more »

  • Hidden

    Corners, cupboards
    Anywhere i can hide
    Hide myself from the outside world
    The world that don't know the real me... more »

  • I Want To Cry

    Just for a second
    Forget the world
    I want to shed a tear
    No-one loves me... more »

  • Let Go!

    I hate living like this
    When you can't see a way
    To get to the future
    Or to get thought today... more »

  • Little Girl

    She stood as still as a stone
    In wind and rain

    Walking to school with a lunch... more »

  • Little Red Tears

    As i sit crying in my room
    With little red tears
    Dripping from both arms
    Thoughts rushing though my head... more »

  • Memorys

    Good times, Bad times
    Sisters, Enemys
    Laughing, Crying
    Sharing each day... more »

  • Miss You

    You don't realise how much you love
    Some one till there gone
    When some one dies
    You notice they meant the world to you... more »

  • No-One

    No-one is here
    Your all alone

    No-one to listen... more »

  • Outcast

    Ihave never fitted in
    Always left out
    Left on the side walk
    With no-one but yourself... more »

  • Pain!

    All the pain
    Inside me is to much
    I can't help but hurt
    It's all the pain... more »

  • Sexuality

    There is nothing wrong with love
    A boy can love a girl or boy
    A girl can love a girl or boy
    Being gay is 100% normal... more »

  • So Small

    I feel so small but im so big
    Everyone around me looking down on me
    I don't want to be a person
    Who feels so small... more »

  • Stop

    All this pain
    Nothing to gain
    Exept a few pounds
    Is it like it sounds... more »

  • True Colours

    Don't hide yourself
    Be yourself
    You are who you are
    Not a frount not a cover... more »

  • Young People

    Young people are all different
    Growing up means loads of things
    Tests... more »