• A Buttercup Broke My Heart

    I found myself one day sitting upon the sun.
    I remember being blinded by solar flares
    and dodging debris baking in the atmosphere
    I closed my eyes afraid to be just another piece... more »

  • A Stolen Embrace

    A thoughtful stare, stolen at the turn of a smile
    A memory she knew she wanted to keep
    a picture she wished she could share.
    An innocent embrace, so smooth it's almost ignored... more »

  • Adult

    ... more »

  • Ashen Nacht

    Champagne colored dreams
    drape relative to the tasteless color
    on her lips that I always seem to crave.
    In the of scarlet of her eyes that release... more »

  • Attention Please

    Drown in her best Intentions
    gasp for the hopeful air that fills her world
    Drag yourself on to the unsteady sands
    and forget all this is real.... more »

  • Beautiful Destruction

    The beauty of her was not within her life itself
    but within the destruction of herself
    over and over to continue her life.
    It was never destroyed for personal gain,... more »

  • Beauty

    Be an expression of beauty
    that needs not to be explained.
    For those who see it
    will appreciate the way they feel... more »

  • Beneath The Strange

    I failed to notice the color of blue until I saw the faintest hint of yellow
    become brighter as we exchanged moments in time.
    It took my gaze from the depths of each expression of days reunited
    with memories of ago and I was drawn into the gentle way... more »

  • Cinderella

    What if Cinderella
    was never meant to attend a ball,
    but she was merely dancing around
    an empty bedroom... more »

  • Hiding In Your Cage (My Heart)

    No, I do not trust you any more.
    I have felt the rise and fall of your twisted tales
    the double guess when I cant breathe.
    You've hit me hard, and disappeared in to the night.... more »

  • Manic Sunset

    Torn between two.
    the sun set is orange.
    Stuck here.
    Going no where.... more »

  • My Deck

    Every night I sit on my deck
    I dont do anything special
    Maybe have a drink
    maybe a cigar... more »

  • No Description Needed

    I can describe the ocean as tear drops
    falling from the moon on to a desert
    that resembles the sky.
    I have no problem illuminating clouds... more »

  • Not Today

    It happened to me a few weeks ago
    I was just sitting there when unannounced you invaded my brain
    My chest became tight
    and my breath fell in to a shallow rhythmic pattern.... more »

  • One Drop

    ... more »

  • Play With My Mind

    Scrape off my skin passionately
    crumple it up, delicately destroy it,
    Throw it carelessly on the floor
    and pretend its last nights dress.... more »

  • Promises

    Dont ever make a promise you cant keep
    and dont ever keep a promise
    you cant make true.
    It doesnt make sense... more »

  • Selfish Danger

    As it drew closer to the time for souls to rest
    I found myself awake
    I felt my eyes tick open
    And my heart tock close... more »

  • The Longest Stare

    The longest stare
    one night after
    an argument.... more »

  • Unattainable

    Never fall in love with the unattainable.
    Rarely chase that dream,
    it will always be illusive
    and just out of reach.... more »

  • While Lost In The Trails

    I drive upon an old withered road
    heading toward the unseen
    I am not concerned with where I start
    My only curiosity lies with where it will end... more »

  • Writers Haiku

    ... more »