• And Yet, There's More

    What do you do,
    When life's being taken from you?
    How would you act,
    If you knew that was a fact?... more »

  • But I Love Him

    With only a single tear,
    I sit here,
    Wondering if he'll come back,
    Wondering if I'll welcome him with open arms.... more »

  • His Kiss

    His kiss was like the ocean, spraying my face;
    His kiss was like sugar, only getting a taste.

    His kiss filled me with passion, from the inside out,... more »

  • How Free Are We?

    We rely on technology,
    How worthless are we?
    When it comes to life,
    Nothing's for free.... more »

  • I'M Taking You With Me

    As I lye here, thinking,
    I can hear him drinking,
    I'm hiding under my bed,
    Wishing I were dead.... more »

  • My New Freedom

    You listen to me,
    I don't have it easy and that's a fact.
    People may think I'm little miss perfect,
    That nothing could go wrong in my family;... more »

  • The Elements

    With fire, I burn,
    With love, I yearn.
    With air, I breathe,
    With lies, I weave.... more »

  • They Say That I'M Pretty

    They say that I'm pretty,
    Couldn't imagine me any other way,
    They say that I'm pretty,
    I get more beautiful every day.... more »