Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.

Robert F. Kennedy

My Disabilities they are many, can't you see!

There many types of disabilities physical, learning, traumatic brain injury, and countless others... But mine is a tale of a TBI, the kind where you become one of the forgotten... I incurred my Traumatic Brain Injury on a cold February night on my way to get a pack of smokes', never to realize how true it was, Smoking Can Kill You...

It has cost me dearly; but at the same time given to me wonderfully... Recovery, what a question, one with which I have not an answer... I do believe however life to be a prolonged recovery, just not set within a frame of time, but a ligament life long comment to knowing my deficits and playing to my strength's... I must endeavor to preserver throughout a lifetime of hardships...

No one ever said life was easy, only that difficulties exist within... Without tragedy life would be a dull bore and at these times our character is tenuously tested, such events are not hoisted upon our shoulders unless we are capable... My accident has inspired me to engage life with all its frailties... I would not have missed any of this great journey...


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Merely Life

Looking forward we forget to see what it is we have left behind.
Strange as it seems our acts shall carry us into a future of uncertainty as a rising difficultly will surly follow.
Here within how do see ourselves for who we are Merely Humans.
Then there is no more we are nothing less the whole of our souls.... more »

Hope Abandons Compassion

As we fulfill of our hope, compassion abandons us,
the mind is running and never looking back
as body responses in kind.
But the Heart, now the Heart is always looking back.... more »

A Disturbance In The Mirror

Tasting the desolation upon the lips,
touching the cold skin,
seeing a chill deep within the darkness of the eyes so cold and hard.
The trust sweet and fragile,... more »

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