• Abstaining

    Help me, recover from my crawling into gutter ways
    my pride was left there at your threshold years ago…
    The day—my entrance was denied at your request... more »

  • Acceptance

    Call me—the next time you need reassurance
    see if I still give a damn
    as to your comings or goings.... more »

  • Act Of Desperation

    I meant that you should find me
    over a glass of wine—telling jokes
    just being funny... more »

  • And We Are But A Memory

    Now that I have found you
    within the darken street of
    San Francisco—knowing we have
    no other place to go... more »

  • Asylum

    Tomorrow's sunrise will arrive—
    beyond all definition
    flying north to never-neverland
    for truth and our ambitions.... more »

  • Author's Fairy Tale

    Let's navigate a naked thought
    into that world of make-believe
    and travel where the monsters hide within the woods
    all petrified and cold and green.... more »

  • Beneath The Rose

    I sometimes look past the sea
    toward countries whose names
    are still unknown to me…... more »

  • Bequeath

    If I die—now
    I'll die alone

    I no-longer need those loving hands... more »

  • Between The Ecstasy And The Abuse

    Schedule me in tomorrow's
    passing thought
    somewhere between the ecstasy
    and the abuse.... more »

  • Calliope - Muse Of Poetry

    Waiting in the afternoon
    for a thought to get me started

    Locking all the doors and windows... more »

  • Cities

    They scar the country with prejudice not paradise
    oblivious to the currents that lights the evening skies

    Stone monuments sometimes of steel... more »

  • Confused Face

    Swarms of bees' fly searching in my thoughts
    looking for some honey—the image that was us

    Sweet was the taste you left on my lips... more »

  • Country Cooking

    Dancing in the kitchen—
    the stove is really hot and ready
    and the steaks are spiced and jumping
    watch the fitters… there's no hurry... more »

  • Crashing Waves

    Minutes in the spreading
    of life's emotional surrender—

    Has changed the meaning... more »

  • Daydreamer

    Prepare daydreamer to fly with id
    that we might enjoy a journey from within

    Close those lenses which focus into other worlds... more »

  • Death Of A Country Boy

    Shadows of the night grew weeping
    thunder was her evening cry

    and there in the village yonder... more »

  • Dessert

    I find it hard to figure out
    my comings and my goings
    as I have no reference points
    from where to measure... more »

  • Dim Lights

    The dim lights hide the faces
    of the old and of the young

    As drinks were poured... more »

  • Do You Remember?

    Do you remember
    how I'd wake you
    from your sleep
    and as tired as you were... more »

  • Don't Be Dismayed

    The muse returned today
    catching me away from you
    and so, I write of yesterdays—
    read old poems and rewrite some.... more »

  • Family

    Candy-canes and ice cream bars
    and Christmas trees and Santa
    are dreams and wish—near or far
    made especially for children.... more »

  • Fantasies

    Squares—... more »

  • Father's Sin

    Ancient tumbles still occur
    even in the light of day
    gospel teachings flair and bounce
    reading tales beyond the grave.... more »

  • Flashes Through The Night

    Common-frights from stormy nights
    passions ring by candle light
    all is darkness with a flair
    of white lightning-flashes through the air... more »

  • Fools Walk-In Blind Sometimes

    How I wish I had taken the time to truly meet you
    anywhere along the way
    to understand where you were coming from—... more »