SZ Stanislav Zaverukha april 19 1990

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When I read your poems I can almost feel the force of your heart and soul behind it, well in some of them; simply amazing! In others, not so much :) Great poetry! I especially liked 'Never Give Up', really touched my heart. Hope you'll submit more :) From your brother in Christ, -Cheng Zheng
i use to believe in ffaith, now i don't know what faith is, you seem to have had faith what happen.
'for you dont have to show emotions i could never show them anyway' But you do show them... I read your stuff! Stan, if you like my writting, then you must relate in a way, and this reciprocates your comments back to you. You have a great way of putting your points in a verse. Friendly comment: check your spelling, it really has an effect on the feeling you are transfering to the reader.
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