• A Lost Poem

    Last night I had this amazing poem,
    stuck in my head,
    But much to tired, I thought, “Oh I’ll remember.”
    and jumped into bed!... more »

  • A Scary Dream

    Housewives as the nights,
    Came through,
    The ceiling swung,
    And then it grew... more »

  • Breathing Place (Yellow Moon)

    Yellow moon peeps at me
    Behind the shadows of the night.
    Rises slow among the leaves,
    Spreading eerie yellow light.... more »

  • Can You Imagine?

    A sky that’s not blue,
    A dog with no tail,
    A lie that is true,
    A sea with no whale.... more »

  • Color Me Red

    Red is deep anger that never comes out
    Red is believing, and then having doubt.... more »

  • Do Not Judge

    Do not judge a brother,
    Who stumbles on the path.
    Do you know the weight of his burden?
    Or the weight of a painful past?... more »

  • Fall Thoughts

    Autunm dashes in,
    With a flurry of color,
    It swirls round and round,
    Each blast stronger then the other.... more »

  • For Such A Time As This

    For such a time as this,
    We are to be strong through storm and rain,
    All those who linger in the Grey,
    Will only cause more pain.... more »

  • I Am

    I am
    Life, Truth, Wisdom,
    I love long summer days spent with the best of friends.
    Faith, Honesty, and God are important to me,... more »

  • I Would Have Lived

    I would have lived,
    I would have sung.
    May have been your best friend,
    but instead you have no-one.... more »

  • In A Song

    The rain is coming down in a never ending river,
    Silver, Flowing, Streaming down down down,
    in a song,
    ever long.... more »

  • King Of Glory

    Your prophets are silent, your Holy Fire has gone cold,
    Your altar lies empty, yet we are brazen and bold.
    Israel lies quiet, battles rage around it.
    Your chosen ones need you, we have a country,... more »

  • Little Black Bird

    Little black bird, on the telephone line.
    I can hardly see your eyes, but you’re staring in mine.

    Little black bird, sitting up so high.... more »

  • One Window

    One window is all I need,
    To see the sun or the pouring rain.
    To view the good or the very bad,
    All through the same windowpane.... more »

  • Opposite

    The opposite of life is death
    And each of them is down a path,
    Each must choose, how will you live?... more »

  • Poetry-My Window

    If you’ve ever tried to catch a cloud,
    to ride a rainbow,
    to save the sunshine in a jar.
    Then you know how it feels... more »

  • Quiet Diamante

    Peaceful, Tranquil,
    Timid, Silent, Sedate,
    Murmuring, Echo, Hubbub, Clamor,... more »

  • Race

    Marks, down, breathe breathe,
    Down, breathe breathe, set,
    Breathe breathe, set, wait,
    Set, wait, bang,... more »

  • Sometimes I Wonder

    Sometimes I wonder,
    Will I come through?... more »

  • Tanka

    Fall is
    Amber and
    Hurricanes... more »

  • The Crystal Fall

    An endless cascade of crystal drops,
    Weeping, the rock slowly sets the flood free,
    From a cool green cliff.
    Like a hidden ocean being revealed,... more »

  • The Tide

    Silky waves roaring ashore, dancing among the rocks, smoothly gliding out again.
    Cool salty air rippling in with the tide.
    Scream of the seagull and the whisper of the ocean current.
    Chilly damp sand molds to my feet.... more »

  • Tired River

    I wonder if the river gets tired?
    It runs and runs but never stops,
    It rushes onward toward the sea,
    Foaming, Swirling, round the rocks.... more »

  • To Me...You Are

    To me you are,
    A faded yellow memory,
    A heart that shares my pain.
    A love that’s everlasting,... more »

  • Unsung Song

    My life is a song that hasn’t been sung,
    It’s waiting for that day to come.
    Waiting for the exact perfect time,
    When everything fits in, rhythm and rhyme.... more »