• A Fool In Love

    Let me marvel in your absolute beauty
    I need you to hold me close
    I want to feel your hands caress me
    Let me stare into your eyes and lose myself... more »

  • Addictive Drug

    How can things go so wrong?
    How can things end so sad?
    How can our love die so young?... more »

  • Attracting Opposites

    Just as the sun awaits the moons arrival, I long for you
    Dawns early light brings a new day to be with you
    In the night shade I yearn for a passionate kiss from you... more »

  • Beloved Mother

    I wish you'd disappear
    I hope you fade away
    I long for your end
    I want you to die... more »

  • Birth Of Life

    The yellow moon so large and bright
    The stars shine light this quiet night
    Beneath the dark blue midnight sky
    Lies creation motionless and dormant... more »

  • Boy Toy

    How did this come about?
    Why you? Why now?

    Why did I allow myself to get close to you if you mean nothing to me?... more »

  • Burning Fire

    Can't believe the dagger turned on me
    Can't understand how this could be
    Can't seem to heal these wounds... more »

  • Can'T Let Go

    The void engulfs me
    Slowly breaking my will to live
    With you there was never a dull moment
    But now I find myself alone and cold... more »

  • Choice

    There is no pain greater than the loss of a loved one...
    Yet my heart is torn between 'what is right' and the murder of my unborn child
    One of which I cannot forget nor can forgive myself for
    There's no way to escape this reality... more »

  • Clueless You

    It's impossible to retain the tears that are rolling down my eyes
    I can't deny my love for you
    I just cannot deny my love for you... more »

  • Delightful Heartache

    Let me dwindle in delightful heartache
    I feel much more now, than I ever did before
    Still this misery alleviates the sorrow in my heart
    I'm forced to capitulate with the truth, I know I've lost you forever... more »

  • Destiny Of My Heart

    Destiny the uncontrollable fate
    Drew me to you when I first saw your face
    So serious and mysterious
    But little did I know of what lay in store... more »

  • Drain The Blood That Poisons Me

    Drain the blood that poisons me
    Take along the pain
    How it feels so good... more »

  • Dreaming

    Linger within my dreams for only there are you mine
    Your welcome to forever stay in my heart
    Should you chose to ever leave it will be the end of me... more »

  • Drifting Apart

    He used to be my world
    He used to be my everything
    He was my reason for existence
    The one I loved and cherished... more »

  • Epiphany

    Did you ever expect it to end?
    The years flew by as we both crumbled into our own demise
    Nothing ever seems to last...but alas we did have a marvelous run
    Two young love birds destined to fail... more »

  • Handsome Darling

    There's a feeling stirring within me...
    Oh what could it be?
    There's a smile on my face that just doesn't seem to go away...
    Oh what could it be?... more »

  • Heart Betrayed

    Too soon she feel in his trap
    Too easily she got entangled in his web of lies
    Now once again she sits alone and cries... more »

  • Hey Stranger, Hey Dad

    If there was a way to go back in time would you take the chance?
    If you could change the past would you do it?
    If I've never have met you in my life, would I still feel the gaping hole as deep as I feel it now?... more »

  • Hormone's Poem

    He can't sleep
    So tears of agony roll down his eyes playing his guitar
    Drawing with an unconscious mind
    He looks at her... more »

  • I Hope...

    I hope to fly away someday
    So I can soar the blue skies

    I hope to become one with nature... more »

  • I'Ll Always Remember

    I hear your voice calling me
    And I see you standing before me
    So I reach out for you
    But no one is there...... more »

  • It's You

    It's those sweet words you speak that sweep me off my feet.
    It's your eyes that look at me and leave me mystified.
    And every time we kiss is like a wish come true,
    'Cause I'm always missin' you.... more »

  • Ju Ju Bean

    Beautiful brown eyes
    Soft light fur
    I'll always love you
    Small and tan... more »

  • Just One Kiss

    I want to kiss you, if only just once
    I want for you to hold me in your arms, if only just a minute
    If you were to hold my hand, I would follow you to the ends of the Earth no questions asked
    Let's go for a walk and never come back... more »