• Empathy

    I hope for your release from pain
    And I hope for my perseverance
    Through the pain of us both.
    For when I can I take the pain from your shoulders... more »

  • Feathers

    Up and up we fly and fly
    Keep your head turned towards the sky,
    Looking back you comprehend
    Clipped wings that cannot fly again.... more »

  • Lonely Globe

    Life is short and time flies by
    Without my consent
    And I find myself without a purpose
    So I shut out the ticking of the clock... more »

  • Love?

    So many people give up things they care about for “love”
    But what if their love causes someone else pain,
    Or kills a friendship that once stood strong?
    Can I still smile upon the light kisses... more »

  • My Universe

    Stars spin into galaxies
    Passionate and ever-changing
    They whirl by in a never-ending dance
    Facing the dark with voices ringing.... more »