Different, in a world of my own half the time, a hard worker by design, combining a creative soul and an imaginative mind. My brain percolates and chases time, I live to free my thoughts one bird at a time, dreams must be meet come and see mine……………………

What made me Who am I?
Born in England’s capital London, to two God fearing, working class parents I fast learned that life was no bed of roses. This was a cliché that drove me initially to mischievous, an over active imagination not engaged can often find peace in the wrong past times. Naughty by nature but well disciplined by nurture, I grew to understand that all actions had a consequence. This was a time consuming learning curve that persisted throughout my compulsory education. At the age of 16 I made what was at the time a well informed decision to continue in further educations which lead me to college and then University. Finishing in my early 20’s and ending up not really satisfied with the career path that laid ahead I began to formulate ways in which I could make money in business…….

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Yolanda 2013

The calm before Yolanda
I Whisper prayers in preparation... more »

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