• Bureaucracy

    You're bleeding
    but where's the blood?
    You're crying
    but where are the tears?... more »

  • Caught

    I fear my love I should have missed,
    Your touch though seemed to have recessed;
    The breath I fathom you solely guess,
    In time could be into my rest.... more »

  • Day And Night

    Will the sun rise up without setting down
    on a bright and sunny day?
    to hide the stars and moon above...
    together with the moon collide...... more »

  • Don'T Love Me

    don't look at me
    if you could not stare longer
    my eyes might need to see
    the love you'd have for me... more »

  • Ghost Of Shadow

    drowning down the ocean of my life
    away from you
    from any trace of you
    but the stain of your shadow... more »

  • Helpless

    What’s the choice
    When the night falls silent
    Your voice I’ll long to hear
    Makes me feel better... more »

  • If

    If i have to walk with you
    Through the dark corridors of life
    To guide to through the end
    There's a light awaits... more »

  • Losin'

    Sittin’ alone on this lonely chair
    Lookin’ up on the darkest skies
    Wiping out this falling tears
    From this miserably whining eyes... more »

  • Missing My Shadow

    when I woke up this morning
    the birds have ceased their singing
    i can't hear them like before
    since the day you walk out my door... more »

  • My Shadow

    i want to look at you
    to see that you’re true
    but each time i try to turn into your direction
    you’re gone... more »

  • Never Again

    Never again to see the sunrise
    as their light peeps through the window sills
    and waving rays would wish
    a good day ahead of me... more »

  • Not Turning Back

    The journey i took in this lonesome road,
    I walked with faith yet hoped;
    Not knowing my destination,
    I still walked on, not turning back.... more »

  • Raindrops In The Storm

    raindrops falling off
    my window pane
    like teardrops running down
    my innocence... more »

  • Refuge

    When hope is over from long been waiting,
    and search is drifted from long been seeking,
    What else is left for me to see?
    My eyes won’t wake.... more »

  • Seed

    In a lonely room of a quiet night,
    distances met from a lifeless sight.
    creatures found each other,
    hiding in the dark...... more »

  • Shadowless

    days have gone....
    you were nowhere to be found...
    not any single nothing...
    could reasons have to explain...... more »

  • Spurn

    i see you lookin’ through me
    yet deep inside i see a ghost
    that is not me... more »

  • The Closing

    i closed my mouth
    for me
    not to speak
    yes or no... more »

  • The Search

    Behind the line comes back to mind
    such thought have said
    been heard before.... more »

  • To Eternity

    Your hands held mine
    T’was so cold
    You looked at me
    Like I wasn’t there at all... more »

  • Vanished Paradise

    This old hometown of mine,
    Once was a beautiful place;
    Created by power divine,
    Everything wrapped in a blaze.... more »