• Abandon

    All my emotions make you ill
    All time now stands still
    Abandon me tomorrow:
    Before i cause you more sorrow... more »

  • Emotions

    I am like a butterfly, always changing my emotions
    I dont know why, but that is just how i feel
    One day i am mad, then lonley and that just makes me sad
    All these emotions build up inside, and then i just want to go and hide... more »

  • Friends And Life

    I always dreamed of what life would be like
    Just to go and hang with friends, or even ride a bike
    But as you grow older, your life becomes to gfet sour
    You experience things that you wished you'd never hit the hour... more »

  • Siblings

    always in your hair
    never even care
    Siblings... more »

  • Why?

    Why is everyone so mad
    Why is everyone so sad
    Everyone i know is fighting and it is making me mad
    I wish that there was something i could do, jsut like un-doing the glue... more »