• 28 Today's Ago

    </>i need to speak
    what is in my heart
    i knew you kept telling me
    we would have to part someday... more »

  • A Tradition Of Taboos

    considering my life without you, reduced me to tears last night.

    If selfishly i allowed it to show; my pain will become yours, you know, And I cannot be the cause of your suffering.

    My Heart doled out a share for wisdom, and one for love in vein, another for hope, and still yet one more..of pain.... more »

  • Alive And Breathing

    you're half way across the world.
    but in my little world, you are still the sun.
    to say that i miss you.
    is to say that i am breathing.... more »

  • Beautiful Day

    today was a beautiful day.
    and don't we all need beautiful days?
    i'm glad I got to share mine with you,... more »

  • Complacency

    I dont know how to say this
    i've tried so many times before
    maybe you just cant see it...
    but i'll show it to you once more... more »

  • If Only I Could Show You

    I found out about your other girl friend today,
    and the first thing i did, was lie.
    about my past,
    I would give anything to understand myself,... more »

  • I'M Just Fine

    I am left, unable to love as before.
    All this time, I have wanted love,
    and now that it is at my door, I cannot
    bring myself to answer,... more »

  • I'M Not Welcome There Anymore

    i'm haunted, by a living man,
    and his dying memory.
    He stands before me.
    made of carbon and ether.... more »

  • It's Nice To Meet You Again

    I spoke with less words,
    and more feeling.... more »

  • Kochina

    i'm sorry
    i've been very busy saying my goodbye's lately,
    and i barely had time to say hello.
    i imagine it has been somewhat boring... more »

  • The Lake

    I went to that place today.
    The one you shared with me?
    your special spot, the place that brought you peace...... more »

  • Unfinished

    You were nothing short,
    of a blessing to me,
    But you began as a memory.
    we knew our time wouldn't last.... more »

  • When I Am Alone Again

    I'm reminiscing.
    about all the times we've struggled our way to somewhere near heaven,
    with nothing to hide,
    something to loose,... more »