• Again

    and here im left again
    hunchedbacked and crying
    i wonder if your ego filled eyes
    can see me... more »

  • Apology

    tonight ill forget
    forget my promises
    of what id never do
    again... more »

  • Cry For Me

    could you just cry for me
    show a little emotion
    and break down for me
    your nothing but a smile... more »

  • 'Do Your Best'

    and through the darkness
    the whites of your eyes
    are staring me down
    but there is nothing beneath them... more »

  • Exactly What I Had To Say

    i miss him
    but not all the time
    just sometimes
    and espically now... more »

  • Hes Still There

    he whispers in to her ear
    and his breath falls upon her cheek
    his hands climb up her throat
    and start to push... more »

  • I Let Him

    and somehow through my screaming
    i can still hear you say this is my fault
    my fault cause i took it
    too scared to stand up... more »

  • Kiss To Grave

    a lovers kiss
    like death creeping towards my lips
    turning them cold as stone
    love is dead to me... more »

  • Struggling

    buried in my mind
    but still buried there
    i havnt yet found a good place to hide
    your memories rest in me... more »

  • The Singer Makes The Song

    what a significance in the way you sang to me
    since your voice has been gone
    no matter the replacement
    it just doesnt feel like a song... more »

  • Unfamiliar Patterns

    she bites her lip
    as the blue in her veins turns to red
    and races past her palm
    to the tips of her fingers... more »

  • Walls

    the walls keep the secrets
    that i swore id never tell
    but theyre thin enough
    so that if you look closely enough... more »