• A Peach

    There sits a peach smooth and silky.
    One side is red and the other is orange.
    But both sides equally sweet.
    It is plump and squishy, ripe and pure.... more »

  • Apple

    Happiness is an apple.
    It is very sweet.
    As sweet as sweet can be.
    It is green and ruby red, with seeds... more »

  • Freedom

    Stuck in this house.
    It has been all day,
    I haven’t seen anything
    I am going insane.... more »

  • Only The Rain

    It is dark, and late.
    I lay in my bed, unable to sleep.
    My window is tightly shut, but
    I can hear all the noise of the streets.... more »

  • Set Free

    I feel free.
    Having so much freedom that I want to jump up and sing.
    I feel free.
    To be out of that penitentiary they call a school feels positively real.... more »