• I Didnt Know How It Felt

    I dont know how to love anyone
    not even myself as much as i want too

    when you are never shown how to love... more »

  • I Will Make It Without You

    party all night, drinking, drugs and guys that the story of your life
    although you had kids you cared nothing about
    you only beat them and wanted them out of your life
    you did your own thing and they had to fight to stay alive... more »

  • Life Is It Always Going To Be So Hard

    life is it always going to be so hard?
    so far that all it has been
    full of pain and hate
    full of crime and drugs... more »

  • New Start

    things have always had it ups and downs
    now i see i am the one to change them

    so now i am beginning to try and make changes... more »

  • Sorry Means Nothing Anymore

    you said sorry so many times
    do you even know what those words means

    i am really afriad not when you do the... more »

  • What Would You Do If You Were In My Shoes....

    what would you do in my shoes
    she just got out of prison

    now the time has come i am let with a choice... more »

  • Where Do You Run When You Have Nowhere To Go...

    Where do you run when you have nowhere to go?
    No one that understand or that even cares.

    You are going through life day by day wandering when things are going to change.... more »

  • Where My Place In This World

    when I started in this world it was all new to me as i grew up it became even more unclear as to what I am suppose to do.

    Am I suppose to be a teacher, a mother or a friend I not sure I will ever know. I go everyday trying to figure out where my place is in this world.... more »