• Choices

    There are choices to make at times in ones life
    Be a friend or a foe? Cause peace or cause strife?
    To cook or to clean? To drink or to eat?
    To smile or frown? To hug or to beat?... more »

  • Eternal Sleep

    A burning passion of internal rage
    A wounded animal, chained in a cage
    Purplish bruises, outlined her smooth skin
    She cowered afraid, as pain burned within... more »

  • Leaving

    I never understood why you left me.
    Did I cause you too much trouble?
    Did I not listen?
    Or did you stop loving me?... more »

  • Reflections

    Reflections in a mirror
    I could see her clearly
    Her hair so gold, her smile the sun
    Her figure thin, but not skin and bones... more »

  • Surviving

    If I touch, If I talk
    If I breathe, then I can walk.
    If I cry, If I feel
    If I hurt, then I can heal.... more »

  • The Need To Weep

    Have you felt the need
    to weep, my angel?
    To lay your head upon your lap?
    To let loose the beaded water?... more »

  • Trapped

    I am trapped...

    Haunted by your face
    Captive by your bliss... more »

  • Your World

    You live in a world
    you control by fear
    And everyday
    it's my cries that you hear... more »