• Afraid

    afraid to love
    afraid to be
    alive and see
    everyone looking down at me... more »

  • Bro.

    they wouldnt tell me what was going on
    the wouldnt tell me what was wrong
    they said i didnt need to know
    but your my brother and i have every right to know!... more »

  • Crippled

    as he lie crippled
    dying in his bed
    his breath a mere ripple
    in the air of dead... more »

  • Did You Here?

    did you hear? did you here?
    about all the pain all the fear! ? !
    did you hear? did you here?
    of every stupid little tear! ? !... more »

  • Freind

    I have only one freind
    and oh she is so true
    she's been through what i've been through
    her heart is still on the mend... more »

  • God

    if god really loved
    then why would he hurt the inoccent
    if god really cared
    then why did he leave me alone with bleeding wrists... more »

  • Heartless Love

    you all had my love
    my heartless love
    it meant nothing
    but to make you happy... more »

  • I Hate You Mother

    it seems hes more important
    but he doesnt even try
    how could you be so arrogant
    do you remember all the times he made you cry?... more »

  • I Love You Dad

    i kow it doesnt seem true
    but dad, i couldnt live with out you
    if your feeling pain just tell me
    i'll take the pain from you... more »

  • Im Doing This Now

    I’m afraid to love you
    I’m afraid to leave you
    I’m afraid to hurt you... more »

  • Im Rambiling Bout Love

    Love is so unfair
    there may be a person so perfect for you
    but you are not perfect for them
    you may be in love with someone... more »

  • Im..

    im a shadow on the ground
    im a snowflake in a snowstorm
    but im also that girl that you'll meet once in a lifetime
    im that mood wich makes you smile... more »

  • My Drug

    My Drug
    You have to be my drug
    When I see you I get immediately ecstatic
    When I kiss you I feel weightless... more »

  • Never Say Forever

    Never Say Forever

    Never say forever
    Never say always together... more »

  • Old Chinese Poem

    This is a old chinese poem.

    I saw you in a dream,
    If I knew it was a dream,... more »

  • Self Destuctive

    Continuing my self destruction
    the hate of lifes construction
    the aid of suicidal thought
    helps my life as it rots... more »

  • She..

    She hides behind a smile
    pretends there is no pain or fear
    She hides behind her glases
    so you cant see her tears... more »

  • Someone

    X Love, greatest acheivment,
    Most painfull loss.....
    So why love at all?
    why go through all the pain... more »

  • Stand Out

    Im numbing myself
    my body, my mind, throughout
    Shuting myself down
    and you cant notice... more »

  • Suicide Letter

    i thought this would make things better
    before i end it to write a letter

    to tell all who thought they loved and cared... more »

  • Thunder And Lightning

    Thunder and lighting are oh so exciting
    Out in the rain we will soon commit to fighting
    Out in the storm where no one can see you
    Love being made and heart breaks continue... more »

  • Unfair

    Love is unfair
    your heart hates you
    nobodys cares
    about what you do... more »

  • Untitiled

    everyones around me, but i feel so alone.
    no one can help me, i am unknown
    Your not here when i need you.
    so is what you say untrue?... more »

  • Untitled

    your presence comes near
    and i try to reach out
    disregarding my fear
    of what i might be without... more »

  • We Need You

    You tryed to just ditch me when i was little
    and now we need you and not just a little.
    and it hurt so bad, like i've been stabbed in the back.
    and this is from the dad that i had once lacked... more »