• Olivia And Kaylee

    I am your dad and I will always love you.
    No matter what life may bring us.
    Even though I cant be with you all the time, remember me saying 'you will always be mine.'... more »

  • Remember

    Remember when you were little and how the hero was never punished,
    and always got away. Remember how the man that left you empty inside,
    always found a way to let you down.
    if you ever change your mind about leaving it all behind,... more »

  • Scars

    The scars you left are painful.
    They may not ever heal.
    Your scars are locked up.
    When deep down, they need to come out.... more »

  • Smile

    Your smile lightens up a room.
    It shows me your happiness.
    With that smile comes a laugh.
    Its better than the best.... more »