• If You Had The Opportunity

    If you had an opportunity
    The ones they call “once in a lifetime”
    Would you take it?
    Would you leave everything behind?... more »

  • Leave Me Behind

    You’ve heard me say it a thousand times
    I’ve even made a thousand rhymes
    To tell you every single day
    That I will love you always... more »

  • Mid-Life Crisis

    You’ve gotten old
    You’ve got no friends
    And now you think
    This is the end... more »

  • Mixed Feelings

    Sometimes I can't believe
    that these things happen to us.
    But then I look into the sky...... more »

  • Once Upon A Time

    Once upon a time
    I would have cared.
    Once upon a time.
    But now I’m left with nothing but despair.... more »

  • You Call Yourselves Dads?

    A spring time flower
    The morning dew
    You couldn’t come out for half an hour
    You missed it all…... more »