I grew up in Southbridge, Massachusetts but am originally from Boston.
I always loved to write. I remember when I was around 8 or 9, I wrote this wacky story about a family of bunnies and their adventures. I was so proud of that story. I loved escaping into a story and finding out what happened next. I used to read during school and my Social Studies teacher would say to the class, if only Stephanie was as interested in her Social studies as she is with that book about horses.. Ya, well, I still maintained a B average so all was not lost.
I began writing poetry more extensively after the death of my Mother as a way to help me cope with the grief of losing her and also of coping with not having my Father anymore either. He passed a week after my daughter was born. Talk about double shock. Have a baby, lose a parent. I'm surprised I didn't fall into a deep dark hole never to come out again. I have my daughters to thank for that. Kids really do keep you going.

I know what the pain of losing your Mom feels like. I tell people who haven't lost their Mom yet that they don't know the type of pain and what if feels like till it happens to them. It's indescribable. The words will come to me out of no where sometimes and I have to stop what I'm doing and scramble to write it all out. Afterwards, I read it back to my self and am amazed that I wrote that and feel a little better about it all but still wish she was here instead. The memories of our times together are what I hold onto the most. I pray I never forget them.

I'm your typical suburbanite with two kids, a mortgage, and a great guy for life. We're two swans paddling our way through life together. Weathering the storms and embracing the good times and holding on for as long as we can to them.

Someday, I would really love to have one of my poems published. Till then, I've found a home for them here.


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We all grieve differently
Some grieve quietly
Solemn in their grief not wanting
To show their pain... more »


As I sit here wondering what to do
I am reminded about the times I spent with you
You were always there to listen to me
But now you're gone and I have no one to talk to... more »

Watching, Waiting, Hoping, Praying

Watching, Waiting, Hoping, Praying
Another breath per minute taken
Watching, Waiting, Hoping, Praying
Will this one be her last?... more »

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danny 09 Nov 2017 11:54
great Stephanie that you publish poems which really relate to so many people