• Are You There?

    Hello, are you there?
    How am I supposed to look forward to each day?
    How am I supposed to live and be happy?
    You’re not here with me... more »

  • As Long As You Remember

    He said sadly, I have a hole in my heart
    I said, I know
    He said, It feels like a piece of me is missing
    I said, Me too... more »

  • For My Dad

    It’s been 10 years, where has the time gone?
    This is so wrong
    You should’ve been here to see us grow and live
    Be part of family events that you used to love to attend and to give... more »

  • Friends

    Friends could be your family, your companions, your childhood buddies or new ones that you make along the way
    Your friends know you better than you know yourself
    Friends don't care about the mistakes you make in life
    They know that you're not perfect.... more »

  • Greed

    There once was a Man who asked and asked and asked his girlfriend for money all the time
    Each time he needed to buy this or that
    His Girlfriend was killing herself working two jobs
    Working hard to provide a life for her family... more »

  • Grief

    We all grieve differently
    Some grieve quietly
    Solemn in their grief not wanting
    To show their pain... more »

  • Hope

    They say hope dies last
    I believe this to be true
    When I have nothing left to believe in
    Hope gives me the courage to hold on... more »

  • Inconsiderate

    Twisted, OCD, Selfish, Inconsiderate being

    Not caring about anyone else... more »

  • Light

    I walked into the tunnel today
    It was dark throughout
    I walked carefully
    All the while... more »

  • Lost

    As I sit here wondering what to do
    I am reminded about the times I spent with you
    You were always there to listen to me
    But now you're gone and I have no one to talk to... more »

  • Mom And Me

    We, together talking all the time about stuff in general
    Always in sync never out of mind
    Mom and me
    Laughter, good times, we had the best... more »

  • Moving Forward

    Moving forward
    Changing direction
    Time to let go
    Of all the pain... more »

  • New Year

    New Year
    New chances
    wipe the slate clean
    No more worry... more »

  • Quiet

    I sit here and wait
    While the quiet waits with me
    Wanting to know if that's all there is
    Quietly waiting... more »

  • Remember Me

    Remember me when you see a bird flying through the sky
    Remember me listening to the cool water babbling in the brook nearby
    Remember me in the laughter of a child
    Remember me watching the clouds drift in the blue of the sky... more »

  • Remember When....

    Remember when you used to talk out loud about all you wanted to accomplish still?
    You would say, I'm going to do this like this and I'm going to go there
    I used to say jokingly, don't talk into the air, it annoys me
    You would say to me, someday you'll miss me talking into the air... more »

  • Searching For Salvation

    I'm searching for Salvation
    Have you seen it lately?
    The saving from difficulty, danger, and evil
    I don't think it's here with us anymore... more »

  • The Journey

    He took her in his arms
    She languished in his embrace
    His kiss was as pure as a first snowflake
    Of a first snowfall... more »

  • The Process Of Looking For A New Job

    Here we go
    Out and looking
    Jobs, jobs, jobs
    Which one is a right fit for me?... more »

  • Watching, Waiting, Hoping, Praying

    Watching, Waiting, Hoping, Praying
    Another breath per minute taken
    Watching, Waiting, Hoping, Praying
    Will this one be her last?... more »

  • What Are We Barbarians?

    Why are some of us always willing to help others
    while some of us are
    more concerned with themselves?... more »

  • You Make Life Worth Living

    You make life worth living
    Let me explain
    Before you
    I was lost... more »

  • You Would'Ve Been

    You would have been 70 had you lived today
    I would have bought you cake and came over to say
    Happy Birthday Dad, you’ve come a long way!
    You would have smiled at me and said something funny... more »