hello. My name is stephanie miller. I'm 15 years old and i'm facing all of lifes troubles.. Drama, studies. and boys. I am Doing much better then most people, but worse then others. I don't pitty myself and i care more for others than myself. I wrote my poems depending on my mood that day. I hope you like them <3
If you wanna chat or something you can Instant message me ' Millerbaby13031 '


Stephanie MIller Poems

* So Cold *

I think its time that you find out the truth,
cause i fell for someone else.
I don't wanna be with you anymore,
i can finally see my smile again.... more »

My Forever Promise

like peanut butter and jelly
like tape and glue
we stick together
no matter what we do... more »

My Boyfriendd 333

mmhm thats the boy who my heart belongs to.
he makes me smile, even when i don't want too
he makes me melt with his touch, so loving... more »

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