• * So Cold *

    I think its time that you find out the truth,
    cause i fell for someone else.
    I don't wanna be with you anymore,
    i can finally see my smile again.... more »

  • Alainna ~ Sorry I Didn'T Know Wut To Do

    I found myself in another cituation
    Where I don't know what to do
    The Angels on my shoulders
    Are making me confused... more »

  • As I Watch

    As i watch the rain turn to snow.
    I sit here wondering why you had to go.
    I listen but my heart is so still
    I watch the Snow fall on the window sill... more »

  • Beating Andd Bloody.

    ... more »

  • Can'T Live With Out You

    One night a guy & a girl were
    driving home from the movies. The boy sensed there was
    something wrong because of the painful silence they shared between them that night. The girl then asked the boy to pull over
    because she wanted to talk. She told him that her... more »

  • Drip~drop

    When will my tear drops stop,
    Falling for you, tick-tock...
    Steady as a clock, drip-drop... more »

  • Final Good-Bye

    remember seeing you infront of the room,
    Dressed in your finest.
    Beautiful Flowers and your family all around you.
    you looked so peaceful... more »

  • Heart-Break

    See him...
    Like him...
    Talk to him...
    Like him more...... more »

  • I Listened And Look What Happen

    I went to a party, and remembered what you said.
    Mom. you told me not to drink, so i had a sprite instead.
    Now i'm lying on the pavement and i hear the policeman say ' the kid who caused this wreck, was drunk '
    Mom, his voice seems so dar away, Tell sister not to be afraid, mom. Tell daddy to be brave, and when i go to heaven, put ' Daddy's Girl ' on my grave.... more »

  • It Hurts

    It hurts when they move on...
    It hurts knowing he doesn't need you...
    It hurts seeing him, with her...
    It kills me! ...... more »

  • Its Tought To Be A Teenager

    It’s tough to be a teenager, no one really knows
    What the pressure is like in school, this is how it goes.

    I wake up every morning, and stare into this face... more »

  • Lie Of A Teenage Girl

    I’m the kind of girl,
    who has one feeling
    But shows a lie.... more »

  • Life

    ... more »

  • Living My Life

    I live my life knowing,
    he saved it.
    I live my life knowing,
    he's no longer here.... more »

  • My Bff's New Bff ~ The Knife

    My bestfriend,
    has a new bestfriend.
    Her new friend...
    is a knife.... more »

  • My Boyfriendd 333

    mmhm thats the boy who my heart belongs to.
    he makes me smile, even when i don't want too
    he makes me melt with his touch, so loving... more »

  • My Forever Promise

    like peanut butter and jelly
    like tape and glue
    we stick together
    no matter what we do... more »

  • My Love Story

    it was a tuesday
    when i first saw you
    i closed my eyes
    just to see if it was true... more »

  • Never Ending Pain

    Two people started as friends.
    They grew to love eachother.
    They did everything together.
    One day, that all ended.... more »

  • Saddness

    When i hear his name,
    Its not the same....
    I just think of how we used to be...
    I found out that I'm someone diffrent...... more »

  • Sitting Wondering

    sitting on the side walk,
    waving at the camera saying,
    ' look daddy, I'm drawing with chalk! '
    A happy lilt 3 year old girl... more »

  • Sorry

    Once again theres a sorry,
    but that doesn't cut it
    but you do cut it
    Promised that was the last time... more »

  • Sorry, I'M Not Perfect

    Hey dad, look at me
    did i grow up according to your dream?
    you think i'm wasting my time doing things i wanna do?
    ' cuz it hurts when you disapprove of everything... more »

  • Still Love Him

    I'm an inocent girl.
    who fell in love
    only to get my heart,
    ripped out...... more »

  • Stupid Boyss

    boys are heart breakers
    they laugh at your...
    they ask out girls to get... more »