• Dancing

    I skim across the floor at breakneck speed -
    Like a spider that runs on water
    and never tears through the surface.
    I feel the wind on my face and... more »

  • Forever And Always

    When I am with you,
    Eternity is a step away,
    My love continues to grow for you,
    With every passing day.... more »

  • Friends

    A friend is someone we turn to
    when our spirits need a lift.
    A friend is someone we treasure
    for our friendship is a gift.... more »

  • Love Is...

    Love is the greatest feeling,
    Love is like a play,
    Love is what I feel for you,
    Each and every day,... more »

  • Passion

    The very moment I walk through the door,
    I can feel all of my troubles leaving me,
    when I begin to dance across that floor,
    I forget the problems, now I am free.... more »