• 10th Year Itchings

    killing Time whilst darting
    between the walking,
    talking Carcasses;... more »

  • Adios

    re-evaluation -
    you were such a waste of time.
    each moment
    pathetic as you,... more »

  • After Him

    sealed casket of selfish hate
    buried alive in your filth
    forgot the one who loved the most
    struck another to lose yourself... more »

  • An Eye For An Eye

    Words are insufficient.
    Expression is halted; restrained.
    Each gift has its price.... more »

  • As A Reed

    careening toward infamy
    denied salvation
    wasteland in aftershock
    beautiful mirth... more »

  • Athena

    caught in a length
    of silvery charm
    moonlight looks over
    and beyond me.... more »

  • Beginning Again

    lucid forms in thoughts
    of what time has to offer
    past beyond true reach
    future within my grasping.... more »

  • Bewildered

    trying hard
    to understand
    the thoughts
    and emotions... more »

  • Burdened

    awaiting the morning's misty end
    sleep to charm a shadow's laughter
    chilling sphere once precious is wise
    seen golden soft in fading.... more »

  • But...

    conceptual understatements
    interpret your fate
    loose the phantoms
    choose the gods... more »

  • Catapult

    Such Hunger.
    Need.... more »

  • Choosings

    Drowning in a swamp
    Of perpetual feeling.

    Emotional, chaotic... more »

  • Condemnation

    you walk beside me.
    sideways glances -
    inching closer;
    reaching for my hand.... more »

  • Dancer

    silken binds
    delicious web of
    desire.... more »

  • Discovery

    walking amongst the ruins
    of this once-chaotic scene.
    the silence is almost
    overwhelming;... more »

  • Displasia

    could space blind us, euphorically?
    changes done; secrets repeated.
    contain what tragedies we've given.
    surviving gravities - torn apart.... more »

  • Doll

    porcelain, these masks.
    cracking like eggshells.
    splitting as atoms;
    fission in smiles.... more »

  • Drinking

    sitting here
    in this chair
    music blasting
    one song... more »

  • Evolution

    charismatic nonsense
    seen as glimpses of angels
    from one whose entire
    world is in flames.... more »

  • Fireflies

    things once white
    swim to the surface.
    chilling orchestra in
    astral chirping... more »

  • Forget-Me-Not

    Time ticking by -
    slowly, slowly -
    with no thought of
    Who nor Why.... more »

  • Fragile Moment

    walking -
    Motley Crue in the
    headphones and
    Breeze in my... more »

  • Glimpse Of Heaven

    turbulent Angel -
    She visits only
    in dreams.... more »

  • Groupies

    the adoring ones -
    with their shining eyes and their
    painted smiles;
    muffled screams and trifling... more »

  • Hold On

    watch -
    as I fall;
    enslaved by this
    self-emotive... more »