• Bugaloo Sunset

    you wouldn't know a carburettor
    from the conscience of a debt-collector
    or the conscience of the Vatican
    or the conscience of a benign dictator... more »

  • Chocolate Is As Chocolate Does

    jay walking is a useful past-time
    it keeps motorists on their toes
    naturist resorts are under-rated
    patchwork chique is the new vogue... more »

  • Giraffes Do Not Work On Batteries

    In my frequent visits to the doctor
    I find a sort of electric pulse does a dance in my head
    I begin to know what it is to be truly alive
    as I casually laugh at a squirrel en route... more »

  • Intimation Highway

    the zoom of the newsroom
    hits the earth-bound net:
    '3 minutes ago George W.
    scratched his knackers in Congress'... more »

  • Man

    man out of time
    man out to lunch
    man on a stage
    man on the end of a punch... more »

  • Tevin Wears Paper Shoes

    got a reason for the dawn and
    a reason for the dusk
    got a promise on a 'maybe'
    and a maybe on a 'must'... more »