Stephen Andrews Poems

Tevin Wears Paper Shoes

got a reason for the dawn and
a reason for the dusk
got a promise on a 'maybe'
and a maybe on a 'must'... more »

Chocolate Is As Chocolate Does

jay walking is a useful past-time
it keeps motorists on their toes
naturist resorts are under-rated
patchwork chique is the new vogue... more »

Bugaloo Sunset

you wouldn't know a carburettor
from the conscience of a debt-collector
or the conscience of the Vatican
or the conscience of a benign dictator... more »

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Theodora Onken 12 Jan 2006 03:33
no yogart but have you seen Kyle near blockbuster lately?
Stephen Andrews 09 Jun 2005 12:44
Do I know you? Feel free to e-mail me. The name Theodora Oncken sounds like a yoghurt tycoon to me. Does that mean I can get some free samples?